About Kazco

In essence, Kazco comprises pragmatic and straight talking directors, with over 17 years experience of delivering results in the FMCG, food and non-food consumer goods sectors, in both the UK and USA.

Focussed expertise:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Strategy
  • Corporate Governance

Regional Focus:

  • UK
  • USA

"I have worked with Kazco on the development of a new product. I find that they do two things that are very valuable: They bring down-to-earth logic and common sense to discussions and they actively think about problems, generating new ideas. Kazco has definitely helped me make progress in bringing the product to fruition."

Matthew Cadbury, Bottle to Go.

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About Ian Plumbley, “The Business Developer”, MD of Kazco

“Ian is an inspirational man, providing much motivation to drive young businesses forward. He is very good at weighing up individuals placing them in the right position in the business. I would most definitely use his service again.”

John Clark, Managing Director, Waterfront Corporation


  • is a powerful straight talking, pragmatic business developer with a refreshingly clear and creative approach to business development, built up over more than 25 years of commercial and operational experience. He has a very lively and approachable personality adding positive energy to the dynamics of any team or project.
  • has the ability to analyse the key facts and provide succinct, understandable action plans, providing his clients with the ability and confidence to develop their business.
  • uses his ability to link organisations and individuals to deliver much needed synergies to reduce costs and improve performance helping his clients to make the huge steps needed to gain incremental growth.
  • successfully completed his Institute of Directors Diploma in Company Direction and is working towards his Chartered Directors accreditation.

Contact us on +1 310 379 1674 or here

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