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Kazco - Testimonials

“Kazco has worked with Rachel’s Organic to develop our export sales. Thanks to Kazco’s expertise we quickly started to deliver to new markets. Kazco offer’s a friendly, practical and efficient export service which has certainly paid dividends for us!”

Neil Burchell, Managing Director, Rachel’s Organic

“Ian is an inspirational man, providing much motivation to drive young businesses forward. He is very good at weighing up individuals placing them in the right position in the business. I would most definitely use his service again.”

John Clark, Managing Director, Waterfront Corporation

“Kazco’s ability to analyse the key facts and provide a succinct, understandable action plan, provides me with the confidence to utilise this support function to meet deliverables in challenging situations.”

Sean Guinan, Managing Partner, Kynder Environment LLP

“Ian is a creative problem solver he is very quick at focusing on the issues and suggesting solutions, adding value to our business.”

Don Gaidano, Vice President International, Dean Foods Inc

“I have worked with Kazco on the development of a new product. I find that Kazco does two things that are very valuable: they bring down-to-earth logic and common sense to discussions and they actively thinks about problems, generating new ideas. Kazco has definitely helped me make progress in bringing the product to fruition.”

Matthew Cadbury, Bottle to Go

“Kazco’s coaching and guidance enabled me to clearly define and develop a new strategy for my business, helping me to focus on the area’s which make the difference.”

Paul Davies, Managing Director, PD Sales (Southampton) Ltd

“Kazco possesses a broad understanding of the UK retail and catering food business. Kazco's wide range of contacts throughout the industry has been a valuable resource in assisting our launch into the private label and contract manufacturing sector.”

Kathi Carroll, Managing Director, Kosy Shack Europe, Ltd

“Ian is very helpful in providing ’no-nonsense’ marketing support. We undertook a project together which resulted in our first ever business with Waitrose. His frank and detached views continue to provide a useful tool for our business.”

Richard Clothier, Director, Wyke Farms Ltd

“Kazco helped Speyside Glenlivet to establish itself as a new business in a very competitive market-place. Kazco helped enormously to refine and implement the sales strategy. We are now standing on our own feet as a business, and recently taken on with Kazco’s help, a full time salesman for the London area.”

Simon Holt, Sales and Marketing Director, Speyside Glenlivet Water Company Ltd

“Kazco demonstrates an all round view of business issues, of purchasing, manufacturing and operations, a sound commercial mind, by combining all of these factors together, Kazco is able to develop rounded solutions to problems, rather than simply focus on satisfying one area of the business. Kazco's overriding objective is to always put the customer first!”

Neil Burchell, Managing Director, Rachel’s Organic

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