Developing Your Business

Kazco works with owner directors, venture capitalists and directors who need to improve their organisation's sales, marketing and operations in local or international markets.

Kazco’s services are clearly focused on the key business areas of sales, marketing and operations. This focused approach enables you to deliver clear, straight forward and effective business development solutions. Our clients range from pre-start ups to leading multinational businesses in both the UK and USA.

For organisations that do not want outside consultants telling them how to run their business

Some organisations like to keep as much as they can in-house, but need a champion to support them and then help them build in the right structures for going forward. For these organisations we work with them on the commercial aspects of their business – aspects of selling, marketing and operations that will have a financial benefit for them.

It can take time for you or your team to make the changes needed to meet your targets but, in the short term, you may need someone like us to mentor and provide advice to you, your managers or your staff.

In this situation, this can be where:

  • Meetings are established, at regular times set by you, for the purpose of leveraging our skills and experience into your business in order to get you through to your goals. We call these “mentoring sessions”.
  • You use us to train your team in the skills they need for hitting your objectives and targets. We call this “training and development”.
  • You have a review of what you are doing - perhaps giving you an insight into what others are seeing or identifying the causes of problems that are affecting your “bottom line”. We call this a “health check”.

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For organizations that need a trusted and reliable expert they can call upon to get “the important stuff” done.

Some organisations need to have someone that, at times, they can call upon to help them out with the commercial aspects of their business - selling, marketing and operations. They would like to employ the right person, but would find it too hard or expensive to do so, on a permanent basis. Instead they can call on us to come in, as and when, to fulfil this need.

In this situation, you can use Kazco to:

  • Act as part of your structure, interacting with the various departments and team members to deliver the aims and objectives that help develop your business. We become a flexible resource and part of the team. We call this “gaining additional resource”.
  • Direct, manage and support your team through their challenges – We call these “troubleshooting and managing new events”.
  • Act as part of your management team, helping you develop the selling, marketing or commercial aspects of your business. We call this “part-time NED (Non Executive Director)”.
  • Carry out research into new markets, new supplier and new opportunities. We call this "fact finding".

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